1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic 

  Kit Number 1

Ringo Starr 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit Gary Astridge historian
1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic
(as listed on Premier's brochures)
  • 14" x 4" snare - Model # 10
  • 12" x 8" tom - Model # 442
  • 16" x 16" floor tom - Model # 446
  • 20" x 17" (14" shell) bass drum - Model # 130
Note: Ringo told me that calfskin heads were used on this kit.
3-ply Shells
Birch w/ Beech reinforcement rings

  • Hi hat - Model # 289
  • (2) Cymbal stands - Olympic models
  • Snare stand - Model # 300
  • Drum pedal - Model # 250
  • Bass drum anchor - Model # 1299
  • Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount (Installed when the drum kit was purchased.)
  • Premier Bongoes 6" & 8" Model 520 (Not shown)
Ringo Starr 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit - Gary Astridge historian
Ringo's Premier kit has some real musical history and significance. He purchased this kit in September of 1960 from Hessy’s Music Centre in Liverpool, just prior to his early October trip to Hamburg, Germany with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes. 
Hessy's Music Centre Liverpool. Historian Gary Astridge
Rory Storm & The Hurricanes
1960 Kaiserkeller Poster
When this Premier Mahogany Duroplastic drum kit was purchased, Ringo had a Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount installed. He also used the same type mount on Ludwig kits 2, 3 & 4.
Swivomatic on Ringo's Premier kit.jpg
Rogers Swivomatic tom mount on Premier Mahogany Duroplastic kit. Historian Lecturer Gary Astridge
Ringo used this kit when he first joined The Beatles on August 18, 1962 and played it until May 12, 1963, when he took possession of his 1963 Ludwig drum kit.
Ringo playing Premier for the last time.
Beatles Ringo Starr 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic drum ki
This Premier drum kit can be heard on numerous Beatles recording prior to May 12, 1963, including BBC recordings. It was most famously used during the Beatles first marathon recording session at EMI Studios, Abbey Road on February 11, 1963.
I Saw Her Standing There
Please Please Me
Baby It's You
Anna (Go to Him)
Do You Want To Know A Secret
A Taste of Honey
There's a Place
Ask Me Why
Twist and Shout
Beatles Ringo 1960 Mahogany Duroplastic Premier kit
Have a listen to Anna (Go With Him) by Arthur Alexander and The Beatles and take note of the drum pattern. I have yet to find the name of the drummer that played on this song, but it was definitely an inspiration to John Lennon & Ringo Starr. You hear a similar style on two other songs written predominently by John; All I've Got To Do & In My Life.

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Anna (Go with him) Alexander | Beatles
Beatles marathon recording session. Historian Gary Astridge
Ringo Premier Drum Kit in studio Gary Astridge historian
Though Ringo's Premier kit has been lost to history, we were lucky to find three pieces of original hardware. 1) Olympic cymbal stand that Ringo may have used with his Ajax kit. 2) Premier cymbal stand. 3) Premier snare stand. Each stand was found on a different occasion. I can't describe how emotional and exciting it was to find these piece of Beatles history.

1960 Premier Royal Ace Piccolo Snare

Most people are unaware of Ringo's first Beatle snare drum, which is actually called a Premier 4"x14" Royal Ace. Remember that this is the snare heard on BIG hit songs like "Twist And Shout" and "I Saw Her Standing There."
Ringo 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Royal Ace snre drum. 70th Birthday gift from Gary Astridge
Two 1960 Premier Royal Ace snare drums. Historian Gary Astridge
Ringo receives 70th birthday gift from Gary Astridge - 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Royal Ace snare drum
1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Royal Ace snare drums. Historian Gary Astridge
The 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Royal Ace piccolo snare on the right in both photos belongs to Ringo. I gave it to him for his 70th birthday.
1960 Premier Royal Ace snare drum bottom view. Historian Gary Astridge
Ringo shares old memories in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with 2010 All Starr Band mate Edgar Winter and drum tech Jeff Chonis as photographed by photographer Rob Shanahan after receiving my vintage Premier snare drum.
Ringo Starr with his 1960 Premier drum kit. Historian Gary Astridge
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