1965 Ludwig Super Classic Oyster Black Pearl 

   Kit Number 5

3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells with white painted interiors

Baseball bat tone controllers with white felt tone control pads

Mount casing with eyebolt & wing nut (P-1216A)

16.5” floor tom legs with knurled stems 

Fold out bass drum spurs with knurled stems (P-1305)

Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mount assembly

Chrome over Brass (COB) tom rims   

This drum kit was used on the Beatles first Shea Stadium concert which took place August 15, 1965. Ringo is particularly fond of this kit, calling it the Shea kit.

Photo: Scott Robert Ritchie



5"x14" Jazz Festival Snare Drum (Keystone badge # 151480) 

9”x13 - Tom (Keystone badge # 151493 / Black stamp date: JUL 16 1965)

16”x16” - Floor Tom (Keystone badge # 155364 / Black stamp date: JUL 16 1965)

14”x22” - Bass Drum (Keystone badge # 151485 / Black stamp date: JUL 16 1965)

Scott Robert Ritchie
Photo: Scott Robert Ritchie


The hardware used on both kits 3 and 4 are the same:     


Spurlock Direct Pull hi hat stand (Model 1123)

Buck Rogers snare stand (Model 1358)

Speed King bass drum pedal (Model 201)

Bass drum anchor (Model - 1304) Walberg & Auge)     

Two cymbal stands (Model 1400) The number of Ludwig cymbal stands purchased for all four Ludwig kits isn’t really known. The stands appear to have been mixed between drum kits at various times. There is one slight difference between the model 1400 stands. One uses a wing-bolt that screws directly into the topside of the second post to adjust the height of the top post. The other variation uses a small angled tension bar with a hole at one end and a threaded hole at the other. It rests on top of the second post and the top post inserts through the tension bar into the second post. The wing-bolt screws into the threaded hole of the tension bar and draws the bar tight against the top bar holding it in position. Ringo had both.

Of all of Ringo's Beatle kits, this one received the least amount of use. It was introduced at the start of the Beatles' 1965 US Tour.

Here's a photo of the Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom mounting bracket on bass drum. Notice that none of the three holes from the original Ludwig mount were plugged.

It was most famously used during the Beatles first marathon recording session (EMI Studio, Abbey Road. September 2, 1962.) It was used on the following songs: I Saw Her Standing There, Misery, Anna, Chains, Boys, Ask Me Why, Please Please Me, P.S. I Love You, Baby It's You, Do You Want to Know a Secret, A Taste Of Honey, There's A Place, Twist And Shout.

This kit is still owned by Ringo


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