Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, we invite you to be part of the 'Peace & Love Initiative' (P&LI). Now, more than ever we need to focus on the simplicity & purity of Peace & Love.


As people, we have been blessed with two priceless gifts that cost nothing to give or receive. They are Peace & Love.

With your commitment, we can project a unified message and places where we all can be reminded of the power of Peace & Love. 

Promote Peace & Love! In Your Community

Hand Bronze.JPG

Imagine a Peace & Love Park with Ringo's P&L Hand Statue as the main focal point. Create your own tourist destinationImagine a P&L Park highlighting your community & cultural surroundings.



  •  Strolling trails with flower gardens, trees, water

  • Open fields

  • An amphitheater for music & gatherings

  • Community Center

Hand Statues are available in resin & a variety of materials finishes & colors

Optional Ringo Art on the ring disk of resin statues

Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ringo

We can propose ideas that can make this a reality for your community.

Visit our Resin & Metal hand pages for more information.

Learn about International Peace & Love Day.