The Beatles first Drop-T logo drumhead was created by Eddie Stokes in April/May of 1963. Based on in depth research and forensic photo analysis, the original was a 20” diameter drumhead is smooth white with a Ludwig script logo decal and hand painted Beatles logo using the same tempora paints as used on the original. This particular drumhead was used on Ringo’s 1963 Ludwig Downbeat model drum kit.


"The drumheads are hand-painted replicas by well-known Beatles drumhead authority, Russ Lease, based on his in-person, hands-on, and forensic photographic research. Lease has also developed a vintage aged finish for the heads identical to the patina on the original Ed Sullivan Show drumhead which he owned for over 21 years. Russ was also commissioned by Ringo to replace all of his original drop-T Beatle drumheads which had been lost over the years.
Each drumhead is serial numbered and comes with a letter of authenticity signed by Russ Lease. Additionally, since each head is hand-painted to order, any of the seven drop-T's can be applied to any size drumhead, even if it's not historically accurate."




Please know that we are offering the drumhead with the graphic artwork only.


NOTE: Each drum is made to order, allow two weeks for shipping.

#1 1963 Beatles Drop-T Drumhead