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100 Limited-Edition Cold Cast Pewter Statues


This statue is an immediate reminder encapsulating Ringo Starr's legacy. Here is your opportunity to have a personal and desirable life-size casting of Ringo's right hand making the sign of peace, made of cold cast pewter. the statue sits atop an ebony-stained walnut base and includes a pair of Ringo Starr Signature Peace & Love drumsticks and a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which includes a unique certificate number and a printed signature of Ringo Starr.


The overall size including the Ringo Signature Peace & Love drumsticks is 14 inches (36cm) H x 11" (28cm) Wx 4.5" (11cm) D. and includes one pair of Ringo Signature Peace & Love drumsticks (with sleeve) and a Certificate of Authenticity. Only 100 are being produced.


With the support of Sir Richard and Barbara Starkey, this piece is available exclusively through Gary Astridge in support of the Lotus Foundation, which benefits several worthy causes. Peace & Love are two gifts, free to give, and priceless to receive.

Limited-Edition Ringo Peace & Love Statuette

Šifra proizvoda: RPLS1
  • As a small boutique retailer, we do not accept returns, refunds, or credits for purchased items. 

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