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You can see Ringo using this style of Hi-Hat Tambourine Bar in the Get Back documentary, the Let It Be movie, and album photos. You can hear this tambourine on the Beatles' later version of One After 909. This instrument is actually called a Tamba-Ching by La Playa, after years of patiently searching I was lucky to find one and was never able to locate another.  Through reverse engineering, this tambourine bar is manufactured to the original specifications. Made of aluminum they are lightweight, and the steel jangles create a nice bright sound, the bar fits perfectly on a sixties Ludwig model 1123 hi-hat stand. NOTE: I have included one of these hi-hat tambourine bars with Ringo's 1967 Ludwig Hollywood maple drum kit. 


A limited number are available exclusively through this site.

Ringo Hi-Hat Tambourine Bar

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