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55th Anniversary
Starr Festival Tribute Snare

Gary Astridge, Ringo. Gregg Bissonette, Jeff Chonis
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Photo: Brian Bavido

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The Starr Festival

"This is the most significant limited edition drum ever made.  Ringo's and The Beatles' impact on our industry, popular music and society are unparalleled.  Combine massive demand with an extremely limited number of only 15 drums and the potential long term value is off the chart!!"

-- Donn Bennett, Owner/Founder Donn Bennett's Drum Vault

Gary Astridge, Ringo Starr, Starr Festival

Gary Astridge presents the first Starr Festival to the man himself:  On May 12, 2018, exactly 55 years from the day that Ringo Starr took delivery of his original '63 Ludwig Jazz Festival, Gary Astridge traveled to Los Angeles to deliver Starr Festival number 9 of 15 to Sir Richard Starkey in person.  (Number 9 was specifically requested for reasons obvious to any Beatles fan.) During his visit, Astridge shared in depth details of the drum, its custom case and accessories.  It was an experience that Gary was able to emotionally share with an audience of Ringo and drum enthusiasts just days later at Rob Cook's Chicago Drum Show.  Now that Ringo has his Starr Fest -- which he's requested his long time drum tech Jeff Chonis to make studio ready -- Astridge International made the collectible instruments available to those who had one reserved.  Of the limited production of 15 Starr Festivals, a select few remain.  Contact with inquiries.


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  • Production limited to fifteen.
  • Authorized and hand signed by Ringo Starr
  • Each drum will in part benefit Ringo & Barbara's Lotus Foundation charity.
  • Concepted and hand crafted by Gary Astridge in partnership with the Ludwig Drum Company.
  • Shells constructed by Ludwig incorporating original specifications.
  • Authentic and period-correct hardware harvested from '60s Ludwig Instruments.
  • Delivered in unique custom built '60's vintage case including unique accessories and certificate of authenticity.
  • A complete interview with Gary Astridge on this subject appears in the new Classic Drummer Magazine, Hall of Fame issue.  For a complimentary digital copy, sign up at
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BIO:  Gary has spent decades researching the drums, technique and music of Ringo Starr.  His passion, curiosity and persistence have resulted in him being the historian for Ringo's Beatles era gear.  His writings and interviews appear in a variety of publications and he speaks internationally as the leading authority on his specialty.

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